Tomato and Basil Biscuits.

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These are melt-in-your-mouth biscuits that are perfect for breakfast. I make them a lot during the summer when tomatoes and basil are in season, but I don’t let fall and winter stop me from enjoying these. Sometimes I use dried basil, but you can find fresh basil year-round, so there is no excuse :) My family loves these, and often it’s a part of our Sunday breakfast. They smell so good when baking! And tomatoes, basil and spices make these biscuits especially delicious.

This recipe is an adaptation of a recipe I found many years ago in a magazine. To make them healthier I substituted coconut oil for vegetable shortening (never used that in my cooking), added some ingredients, and changed a few things to my liking.

Let’s make them!

You will need:

1 (2)

 2 C all-purpose flour

1 Tbsp baking powder

3/4-1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cracked black pepper, or 1 tsp 21 seasoning salute (or your favorite salt-free seasoning)

1/3 C coconut oil

1/3 C plain yogurt

2/3 C milk

1/2 C chopped green onions

1 C chopped tomatoes, drained

1 Tbsp olive oil

1/4 C chopped fresh basil (or 1 Tbsp dried)

2 Tbsp chopped fresh or 2 tsp dried oregano

How to make the biscuits:

Preheat the oven to 425 F.

Measure the coconut oil by teaspoons and put it in the freezer for a few minutes.


Chop the tomatoes and drain them well.

3 (1)

Add green onions, basil and oregano to the tomatoes.

4 (2)

Mix flour, baking powder, salt and black pepper (or seasoning) in a separate bowl.


Place the flour mixture and cold coconut oil in a food processor, and process until the oil is incorporated into the flour, and the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

Add the tomato-basil mixture, yogurt and milk until dough comes together (it will be sticky). You might add more milk if the dough is dry.

5 (1)

Drop by heaping tablespoons 2 inches apart onto an ungreased cookie sheet.

6 (2)

Bake for 10-12 minutes or until biscuits are golden. Turn the oven off and let them sit in the oven for 5 more minutes. Remove to wire rack to cool.





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