С этими цветами я пришла домой (3)


My name is Lana, I am 50, and I love sharing what I know with people. I am a yoga teacher, a wife of 29 years to an amazing and caring man, a mom of two beautiful and smart grown children, and I can’t wait to become a grandma (my daughter informed me I will have to wait for a couple of years) :)

I love spending time in my kitchen and in my garden.Cooking and especially baking are my favorite things to do; I find it to be very meditative – it takes me away from all the problems in the world. At one point I was literally addicted to the Food Network, and I am glad I was – watching all my favorite chefs chop, dice, and bake was very helpful; I learned quite a few tricks from those shows.

I am from Ukraine, and I absolutely love Ukrainian cuisine (especially my favorite family recipes handed down from my mom and my mom-in-law),  but I also try new things all the time. We spent a few years in India, and grew to love Indian food. Then we came to the USA, and I was amazed at the diversity of cuisines here, so I had to try everything in my kitchen. I have to say, I am still trying :)  Every day I open my refrigerator, take stock of what I have, and then I either follow my inspiration and create something new, cook a family favorite, or browse  through my recipe collection and search the internet for ideas.

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house, and I use it not only for cooking, but also for creating my homemade skin care - scrubs, masks, etc. I am an avid proponent of everything natural and organic. After spending many mornings with my green tea and Natural Health, Herbs for Health, and Alternative Health magazines, and remembering what my mom taught me about skin care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I am convinced that it is not only important what you put in your body, but also what you put on your skin (after all, the skin is the largest organ of the body).

I try to keep a natural house too, sometimes buying non-toxic products at the store, but more often making my own. After learning what inhaling harmful chemicals can do to our health, as well as what using them does to the environment, I don’t think twice, as the health of my family and my planet is very important to me. Plus, it’s much cheaper to make your own.

Another thing I am passionate about is to keep my family healthy by using home remedies. When I was growing up, and when someone in my family was sick, we rarely seeked the help of doctors. My mom always had a natural remedy for most aches and pains, and she taught me how to take care of my family, and how to keep the immune system strong so it fights the ‘bad guys’. I will be more than happy to share here everything she taught me.

As you can see, I am very keen on home cooking and natural living. While I do not claim to be a professional in any of these fields, each of them has become a passion for me and I strive to create the best in everything I do. I take pride in my creations and love to share my work with others. I also realize that there is always room for improvement, so I learn as I go.

It would make me happy if you could share your thoughts on my blog posts; all of your comments are welcome whether you agree or disagree with me. I only ask that if you have a criticism, please keep it kind and constructive; it is no place for mean or insulting comments.

I hope you like what you find on these pages.




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